How To Invest

Our crowdsale ethereum address is in the box below.
Simply send the amount you wish to invest to our address.
Do NOT send funds from your exchange wallet.
If the project raises enough to fill the soft cap, you will be able to claim your tokens after the ICO ends. If the soft cap is not reached, you will be refunded your investment.

About Project is the world's first ever real-time 24/7 mouse racing gambling platform, having been successfully up and running for 9 months now, since January 2019. You can invest in Micerace by purchasing MIRA (MIce RAce) tokens.

Why should you invest?

MIRA holders will benefit from a variety of different Tokenomic strategies deployed by Micerace, more information can be found in the whitepaper.

Profit Calculator

Try to calculate estimated monthly return with your investment. House edge is set to 14% and our aim is to have 3500 races monthly.
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